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Using Blogs and Wikis for Professional Development

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Exam Week

It’s an exam week for student teachers of Diploma in Technical Education and Diploma in Education of Universti Brunei Darussalam.

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Have you ever heard of TodaysMeet application? We’ve been introduced by our lecturer yesterday, 8th November 2011.

Today’s Meet is kind of a chat room.  If you know mIRC, it is more or less similar to this application. One good thing is that all the data of today’s communication can be saved within the SET time.

My opinion on this application is that it is useful when you want to discuss on “topics” of your subject, everyone in your classroom can participate to give their ideas.  It is good when you want to do revision with your friends!!

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Micro teaching -Reflection & Evaluation

Micro-teaching is part of activity in ‘Methods of Teaching’ course that I take in a  program called Diploma in Technical Education at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.  It is 10 minutes teaching done in a small group that consists of 1 teacher and 5 students.   4 evaluators, 1 observer, as well as a lecturer that act as evaluator will be the audiences.


Here is my reflection and evaluation on my micro-teaching that I have done on 1st November 2011.

Reflection on Planning

  • I took my past lesson that I did for every Monday of Teaching Practice, about “Internet”.
  • The slide of “Internet” is also a resource that I used during my Teaching Practice which it is also quiet short and simple for 10 minutes micro-teaching.
  • I used the practical worksheet that my students had done during my Teaching Practice.
  • I asked my colleagues who acted as students to bring their laptops, as well as one of my colleagues who did micro-teaching on the same day with me to lend me a projector to deliver my teaching.
  • I brought my own router and borrowed a USB modem from my colleague for Internet access during the micro-teaching session.


Reflection on Preparing

  • Prepare my lesson plan (Lesson Plan-Micro Teaching)
  • I adjusted the time and imagined the activities would work within 10 minutes.
  • Before my micro-teaching session began, I with a help from my colleagues arranged the table, sited the projector, USB modem plugged with the router, a few laptops appropriately.
  • Did a testing to check the Internet connection working or not.
  • Reminding all of the student teachers and a lecturer that a level of the students that I teach is a 2nd level.  (2nd level student is a low academic performance students, as well as inability students who cannot read nor write well).


Reflection on Delivering

  • I was actually forgot to introduce my learning’s objective, as below:

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • Differentiate the Internet browser and Search Engine.
  • Search information using search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN.
  • Introduction part
    • Based on picture of a “globe”, asking the students what they know by the term “Internet”.
      • They managed to answer it correctly.
      • Discuss the term and then show the exact meaning.
  • Body part
    • Continued with the next slide “What can you do with the Internet?”  I asked them again based on the pictures provided.
      • They able to answer all of it correctly.
      • Then I revealed all the points in my slide.
    • Moved on to the next slide “How to use Internet?”
      • The students answered using a browser.
      • Then I asked each of the students to give an example of browser.  Each of them gave me their own example, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.
      • I showed a few Internet browsers’ logo and told them few more Internet browser’s examples that they might not know.
      • If once they are in the browser, I asked where would they type the website address and some of them could answer me by typing in the “URL bar”.  (Luckily, there were really doing good, but if my Level 2 students I have to explain and show bit by bit, again and again)
    • Next slide was about “Search Engine”.  Before revealing the answer, I asked them what they understand by this term.  They able to explain it to me and all of them agreed that they have used some of the search engine such as Google, yahoo, MSN, even Alta vista.
    • Divide them into 2 groups – give them practical work (Practical) to be done in a group.
    • Once they finished, discuss the answer together and show the steps on how to use search engine which is by typing keywords.
  • Closure– Showing just a brief Internet Service Provider in Brunei.
    • Two thinking skills questions but unable to cover it within 10 minutes.


Comments by the students

  • Good delivering.
  • The pace is acceptable.
  • Suggested to use suitable/right words according to student’s ability.  For example ‘Browser’ and ‘Search Engine’.  (Which I am still finding out what is the best word to use)

Comments written by the evaluators

Positive comments:

  • Good introduction to boost student’s mind (by asking question)
  • Good delivery and teaching with full of information.
  • Deliver the lesson very well by asking the students before giving the information.
  • Good use of PowerPoint slides as teaching aids.
  • Direct question (straight to the point).
  • Good communication and more interaction/engagement with students.
  • Tend to nominate student who is not active in participation.
  • Clear voice.
  • Confident level is satisfactory.
  • Good activity but it takes a long time.


  • The objective of the lesson must be cleared.
  • Suggested to do the demonstration prior to asking the students do hands-on activity.
  • Time management (need to plan to complete the lesson).
  • Suggested to explain more on the topic’s background.
  • Defining the terms clearly.
  • Need to use praise for students who are attempted to answer the question (especially the correct answer).
  • As a teacher, I must lead the students then the students will do their own practical.


Overall Evaluation

At the beginning of the micro-teaching, I was supposed to tell my objectives to the students until my session had finished then I realized I forgot.  I think I have done well during introduction part where I promoted the students to think before telling them the answer.  I did the thinking skills method during the micro teaching session.

I try to avoid ‘teaching by telling’, but I think it depends on the students where if I do my teaching practice, I have to deal with a 2nd level students.  These students needed much assistance during learning so I have to guide them by telling every step during their learning, so ‘teaching by telling’ is unavoidable.

10 minutes session is very challenging task, so I need to be very alert with the time.  I thought the practical could finish within 2 minutes; unfortunately it took more time due to slow Internet connection.

For my slide content, I was advisable to use suitable words on replacing ‘browser’ and ‘search engine’ for 2nd level students.  So, I need to know the best way to approach or to teach these types of students.

My closure also not done properly, so I ended up by continuing to the next class.  I only managed to meet one objective which is “at the end of the lesson, student should be able to search information using search engine”


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ICT project

This video is done in a group.  It is aimed to be a teaching resources for computer students to learn a basic components of computer system.  Enjoy watching!!

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Evaluation on Teaching Practice – Final week of Semester 1

Lesson Plan – 31 October

On continuing Practical 1-1, I replaced the Practical of ‘reply and reply all’ by sending e-mail message to the students.  Since I looked the Practical 1-1 that they did was a bit messy and not arrangeable according to the Practical 1-1’s question.  By having this adjustment, they could differentiate the features of ‘reply & reply all’.

I divided them into groups:

-Azim & Badriah.  (Since Azim is very fluently in using e-mail, he could help Badriah)

-Rashid, Norzahariah & Iqhwan.  (Rashid & Norzahariah are very low in understanding so Iqhwan’s function was to help both of them)

Azim and Badriah did very well and smoothly without me as a teacher giving too much assistance towards them.

Rashid, Norzahariah and Iqhwan stucked in the middle of the Practical 2 due to Rashid that acted as a sender was needed much attention on him.

Since, Azim and Badriah had finished, I enforced the other group to work together where Iqhwan and Norzahariah must helped Rashid to do his part.

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