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Twitter Handbook for Teachers

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Using Blogs and Wikis for Professional Development

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Have you ever heard of TodaysMeet application? We’ve been introduced by our lecturer yesterday, 8th November 2011.

Today’s Meet is kind of a chat room.  If you know mIRC, it is more or less similar to this application. One good thing is that all the data of today’s communication can be saved within the SET time.

My opinion on this application is that it is useful when you want to discuss on “topics” of your subject, everyone in your classroom can participate to give their ideas.  It is good when you want to do revision with your friends!!

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I have something to share here… I am currently figuring out on how to make use of

It looks very catchy…so I signed up to know more!! when I became a member, I’ve been given a backpack like a figure below:

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Google docs

As will be discussed for next lecture, this Google docs is useful for collaboration and can be edited by anyone, anywhere in the world.

These are the slides that I’ve got from the “slideshare”:

Have a watch on these videos:

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Ten Free Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

While I surfing the Internet, browsing for the best web 2.0 tools, I found a blog that the author listing out the “Ten Free Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom“.

It might grab your interest to try it out… have a click on this link Onceateacher

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Hot Potatoes

Have you ever tried using HOT POTATOES?  My HOD shared this application with me in order to make lesson more interesting, let the students playing such puzzles that are offered in this HOT POTATOES application. I have made one crossword puzzle using this application.  It is easy!!  Give a try.  Make changes on how to make students enjoy with our subject. Install it for FREE!! Hot Potatoes

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