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ICT project

This video is done in a group.  It is aimed to be a teaching resources for computer students to learn a basic components of computer system.  Enjoy watching!!


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Discussion in ICT tutorial class as of 27 September 2011

Throughout the lecture session which is starting early August 2011, our intake (DTE & DIE 2011/2012) have covered up topics on Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, Twitter, Social Networks, Wikis, PB works, and Productivity tools such as GoogleDocs as a new technology tools and methods for teaching and learning.

During our discussion this morning, we were divided into groups to discuss on following question: (Group member: Dina, Meya, Ros, Qis)

  • Share your experiences of using blog as a tool in your classroom.  Example: difficulties, advantages, benefits.

>>>We turned out with an idea:


-Time is not sufficient. 

-No/low Internet connection. 

-Incorporate students who are reluctant to participate.


-To collaborate ideas.

-Sharing resources.

-Discuss on a selective topics.

-Students can be accountable for their responsibility.

-Parents involvement.

-Save time in classroom.

-Interactive teaching and learning.

  • Why should educators consider blogs as a tool to deliver their curriculum?

-To share resources.

-Update their student prior-learning.

-Student can interact with their teacher. (for example: the shy students who can approach their teacher to have explanation on a particular topic, or perhaps for the absentees).

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Google docs

As will be discussed for next lecture, this Google docs is useful for collaboration and can be edited by anyone, anywhere in the world.

These are the slides that I’ve got from the “slideshare”:

Have a watch on these videos:

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The Flipped Classroom

We have been introduced by our lecture on this ‘classroom structure’ during our lecture class on Tuesday, 13 September 2011.

It might be good idea to start this kind of teaching and learning in SPN 21. What do you think educators?

The Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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Social networking and education

This topic is discussed among Brunei VTE teacher education and training intake 2011/2012 of University of Brunei Darussalam

What benefits do you think social networking technologies have for your teaching and learning?

Social networking technologies benefit our teaching and learning in many ways:

1. To develop/enhance our skill in ICT.
2. It is a “free learning” opportunity through online sharing of resources such as documents, photos, videos and favourite website’s link.
3. To promote communication skills and personal development by exchanging ideas with others.
4. For ‘mind sharing’ by posting “topics/issues” to be followed up for discussion and construct a feedback. By this way, we can have different perspective.
5. For staying connected – teachers can work with students online.
6. Global relationship among educators to grab world’s knowledge.
7. Teaching and learning activities can be done outside school hour especially for students who are unable to meet in person with teacher, online exchange of resources allows them to obtain from their teacher.
8. To promote collaboration among students or among teachers.
9. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere by the social networking’s users to keep on up-to-date news/information.
10. To express our creativity by sharing experiences, expertise and gain recognition.
11. It can be an effective way of learning approach as it can motivate students to learn enjoyably with their friends.

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