Semester 2 – 7th Week of TP

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What went well

  • The students have discussed ‘Activity 5.4, pg 65’ more than the time allocated (10 mins) for them.  Although it wasn’t working as planned, the result shows positive where they can learn with each other on how to solve the function together.
  • During confirmation part of Activity 5.4, some of  the students asked that “why your (teacher) answer is different from us?” This is a good response from them because the students concerned what they have learned.  I answered them “because it may has some mistakes  on the students’ marks, what you have to do is by checking the marks once again and make a change on it”

What didn’t go well

  • I have spent lots of the time during introduction phase.  I could feel that my lesson pace was slow.
  • Since the time constraint:

I straight away went to the confirmation part of Activity 5.4, pg 65 by showing the solution instead of asking the students to demonstrate to their classmate on question 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

The 2nd part of the practical that should be done in the class will be part of their homework.

Reflection (steps to check for student understanding)

  • Using video on ‘Homework for Week 6’, I do reconfirmation to students who wrongly inserting the formulae.
  1. Showing an example of one of the student: ‘=C3+C4+C5+C6+C8‘ gives answer ‘358‘ in cell ‘C9‘.
  2. I asked them a question, “What if I want to add new information in cell ‘C7’, will ‘358’ in cell ‘C9’ change?”

Some students answered “no”.  “WHY?” I asked them back.  One of the students answered that ‘C7’ is not included in the formulae written down in cell ‘C9’.

  • They were asked to do ‘FUNCTIONS’ on Activity 5.4.1 as homework and post their answer in Year8FSMRIPAS blog.


Lesson plan – 20 February



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Semester 2 – 6th Week TP Evaluation

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