Semester 2 – 6th Week TP Evaluation

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What went well

  • I created a good example by comparing basic mathematical operation and spreadsheet’s formula.  Example, how to add the two numbers, “2” and “5”.  They simply could answer 2 plus 5 equal to 7.  I tested their knowledge since they have been asked to read prior to this lesson.  I asked them “To begin a formula or function, what sign should you use?”  They answered me “equal sign”.
  • I created  another example by referring to the table given.  To add “11” and “7”, the basic mathematics operation is “11+7=18”.  According to the Spreadsheet, they could give answer by cell reference which is “C1+C3”.  I asked again where should they put “=” sign.  As they have been explained earlier, they managed to give me answer “in front of C1+C3” (the result is “=C1+C3”).
  • To test them, I gave them “Exercise 2-Spreadsheets’ Formulae”.  They were divided into groups.  All the groups were very cooperative, ONLY one group according to what I observed that two of the students are very reluctant to work with their friends.  I advised them to figure the answer together with their friends every time they asked a help from me.

What didn’t go well

  • Checking answers together with the students on “Homework for Week 2” could only be made for few minutes due to slow working of computer and Internet.  I straight away move on to new topic which is “Formulae and functions”
  • The time was constraint, so I have to stop them once Exercise 2 has been completed and checked with the students.  The rest of the activities have to be postponed to next class.


  • The students did well in Exercise 2, they figured out the formula in group discussion and wrote their answers on a whiteboard to show to their classmates.
  • On finding ‘average’, most of them  giving answer “=A2+c2+D3/3”.  To confirm their answer, I used “Calculator” application.  The answer is different.  I asked them “Why your answer is different?”  I showed my method “=(A2+c2+D3)/3” and the result is same to the “calculator” application.  I asked them back if they familiar with BODMAS.  They do.  I explained the reason on why their answer is different because the division performed first then additional.  From here, they able to differentiate.
  • They were asked to do homework on Activity 5.4.1-Spreadsheet Formulae & Functions” only on Formulae part.  Their answers should be posted in Year8FSMRIPAS blog.

Lesson Plan week 6 – 13 February


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