My supervisor evaluated me

October 31, 2011 at 5:23 am Leave a comment

I have been observed by  my supervisor, Mr Ken from  Universiti Brunei Darussalam on 24 October 2011.

After the teaching period, we talked together and he asked what grade would I give to myself.  I said that I didn’t know and asked him back on how he evaluated me.  He laughed and asked me again “From 1-100, how much would you give to yourself?”

“Honestly speaking, from what my cooperating teacher observed me she said that I improve a lot, in terms of classroom management by grouping the students and bringing the students to work in a team, handling questions, etc…”  I continued “But I don’t know IF I handle a big amount of students because this class only consists of 6 students, so it is much easier for me… ”

“Overall, I marked myself 80 out of 100, HAHAHA is that too good for me?”I added.

Then he revealed his comments.  He told me there were lots of positive comments which made me smile widely.  These are the comments:

  1. Classroom management – Grouping the students, observed them and walked around to assist them in doing their practical and put more attention to the low ability students.
  2. Handling questions – Very good by pointing on the students and calling their name to answer, so that the students would pay attention during the lesson.  I was good in questioning the students equally, not leaving them aside.
  3. Showing energetic and respect to the students.
  4. Organized lesson plan.
  5. Activity and practical worksheets showing step by step and broken down into pieces.
  6. Good PowerPoint slides and contents understandable according to student’s ability.

Negative comments? It was good to hear that I was suggested that perhaps I do observations on the experience teacher who teach a large number of students.  I am glad that I improved a lot and  I want to learn more on how to be an EFFECTIVE teacher!!



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