Evaluation on Teaching Practice Week 7

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In ending the lesson on topic ‘Communication-Internet’, I gave them an assessment test that was supposed to be an Exercise 4 for them since last week the time was not permitted.

The assessment test was uploaded in Hot Potatoes website, so that they can access it online.  Here is the link : exercise4-Name the following search engine crossword puzzle.

Prior the assessment test, I gave them 10 minutes time to memorize all the examples of search engine in their notes.  In the 10 minutes, some of them were not bothered to memorize it SO what I did, I emphasized on my word that “if you able to answer the questions later on, this Angry Bird pencil will be yours, now…work on it please, have an effort” .  They happy to hear my words and continued their reading.

While memorizing, I asked them orally a few examples for them to spell such as ‘Google, Yahoo,Ask Jeeves’.  They managed to answer me correctly.  (Please bear in your mind that the students are in ‘Level 2’ – students who are low achiever in academic and some of them cannot perform well in literate and write).

I divided them into two groups : 1-“Azim, Norzahariah & Zaifirah” and 2-“Iqhwan & Rashid”.  (Through all the previous weeks, Norzahariah and Rashid need extra attention on how to use search engine appropriately, in order to help them get through this..they need a ‘peer to peer’ assistance).

They were given 30 minutes time to search the examples of search engine.  If they’ve got their answer, they had to write it down on a piece of answer sheet for their reference at later time.

They were very cooperative among themselves in figuring out the answer. Iqhwan is clever in this assessment, he could find an alternative by using the search engine to find the clues.  Through this, Rashid can learn from his peer on how to find information using search engine. The other group did well too where they managed to answer correctly but with trial and errors and they seldom pressed on ‘Hint’ button to get a correct answer.

In the middle of assessment test, I gave them clues for them to look on the answer in the presentation slide on ‘search engine’.  But by doing this too, they still spent a long time to search the answer.

When the time was up, they checked their score by pressing the ‘Check’ button.  Group 1 scored 40% and group 2 scored 87%.  Group 1 did well but too much of pressing ‘Hint’ button leaded them to score low mark.

Next session, we answered the crossword puzzle together by looking on their notes.  This session enabled them to self-marked and self-evaluate on their answers.  Once completed, they received appropriate ‘motivation stamp’ on their paper.  They happy to receive it and more happier when they knowing that they could own the Angry Bird pencil.

At the end of the lesson, I showed to them a certificate of their achievement in activities, practicals and exercises given along the lesson on topic “Communication-Internet”.  They felt very proud when looking on their results and comparing it with each other, which is good so that they would feel competency among them.

Here is my lesson plan for this week –3 October


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Discussion in ICT tutorial class as of 27 September 2011 Visual Learning Tool

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