Evaluation on Teaching Practice – Week 6

September 26, 2011 at 4:30 am Leave a comment

The time was lessen due to other lesson have booked to use ICT laboratory, so we have to transfer to computer laboratory.

This is what I evaluated on my week 6 teaching practice,

Since Zaifirah and Nor Zahariah absented the class last week, I asked them to answer the ‘Activity 4- Steps to go to Search Engine’ in a given 5 minutes time.  While the rest of the students, I ordered them to switch on the computer.

  • Zaifirah answer the question very well and Norzahariah found it very hard to answer.
  • The rest of the students who have done with Activity 4 were asked to demonstrate at the front of their classmate to share their answer together with Zaifirah and Norzahariah.

I asked both Zaifirah and Norzahariah to demonstrate using computer and projector on how to go to MSN and Google search engine.  They simply could type the URL address in URL address bar.

Since the time was short, I asked them to divide among themselves into group to do ‘Practical 4-More practice on using search engine’ about 20-30 minutes.

  • I walked around, observed and guided them along the practical.
  • They managed to participate and co-operate among their group.
  • I could see 3 students were very good in finding information;  2 students were fair enough, which need to give a hint on finding; and 1 student should be given extra attention by helping him to read the information for him.

The lesson had  to be ended by demonstrating to them on how to find answer of Practical 4.   They would mark their answer if it was  correct.  This is to self-evaluate whether they did a right thing in finding information.

I planned to give ‘Exercise 4-Name the following search engine crossword puzzle’ as their assessment test next week.

This is my lesson plan- 26 September

NOTE: Please have a review on Practical 4 by downloading it from the ‘box’ application on the right hand side.


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