Evaluation on Lesson Plan – Week 5

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Due to no Internet Connection,

‘Practical 4-More practice on using search engine’ and ‘Exercise 4- Name the following search engine crossword puzzle’ have to be moved to next class.

I continued with ‘Exercise 3 -Internet Browser and Search Engine’ which had been answered by the students last week.  I asked them to exchange their paper among themselves and  evaluate it by self-marking.

During the self-marking  session, we discussed the answer where I drew kind of table diagram on a whiteboard which I divided into ‘Internet Browser’ and ‘Search Engine’ (Click for Exercise 3 ) as well as referring to my presentation slide.  I asked them individually to answer which is which is example of Internet Browser and Search Engine, then I wrote it down on the whiteboard.

Scenario was such as “Is Mozilla Firefox an example of Internet Browser or Search Engine?”.  One of my student answered that it is an example of Search Engine.  I asked back “why do you answer as such?” He turned blank…

I enhanced their knowledge by giving clues on differentiating that Internet Browser is a program to surf Internet, whereas Search Engine is a program that is used to find information.  I asked them again “what kind of information do you usually find?”  They still blank.  I gave a recall such as “I always have a glance on activity that you usually doing when you surf internet, what are those?” Still…no answer given.  I asked based on their previous lesson when they were using Internet  “Are you looking for pictures ‘Justin Bieber?’, ‘sport cars?’, ‘Hummer?'”.  They smiled and answered yes…. so I emphasized that the one they looked for is called INFORMATION.  They have got ideas.

Coming back to the question, some of them could give true answers and some couldn’t.  But, overall it was not bad.

I asked them to think for a while and answering me individually by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to my question “Can you use Search Engine if you don’t have Internet Browser?”

Only 1 student answered ‘Yes’.  I asked why…  I had a thought that he might not understand my question.  I rephrase my word in Malay language and he turned with confidently answering ‘No, no, no”.  So, that means he understand the concept well, only in terms of understanding the questions that have to be rephrased in Malay language.

To make sure they absorbed today’s lesson, I wiped out the answers that I had written on whiteboard during discussion and asking them orally again to give:

  • 3 examples of Internet Browser
  • 3 examples of Search Engine

This time, they answered the question correctly.  Well done!!

wow, that was quite a long activities in ‘Introduction’ part BUT what to do… since Internet Connection was not available, I had to move to my ‘plan B’.

Move on to ‘Activity 4- Steps to go to Search Engine’ for individual work.  This activity prompted them to remember what they did from the beginning of the lesson.  Once they done, the answers had to be true-verified by asking one by one student to come to the front to demonstrate each step using interactive whiteboard that are connected to computer.

They managed to answer correctly, which is good!!

Next activity will be continued next week…

Following is my resources:

Lesson Plan- 19 September

*Worksheet – You can retrieve it ‘box’ at right hand side corner.


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