Evaluation on Lesson Plan- 3rd week of TP

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Third week of teaching practice,

Since it’s a first day of ‘back to school’ after school’s holiday of third term, by refreshing the student’s memory; asking them the examples of Internet Browser.  They managed to answer Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera Mini (instead of Opera).  Good!! so they understand the question.

Recap again on demonstrating the ‘Mozilla Firefox’ browser by using computer and projector.  I asked them each of the tools, some of them managed to answer it except for one of my student who is special to me.  I asked again what would happen if the particular tool is selected.  I pointed on arrow buttons which showing ‘Go back one page’ and ‘Go forward one page’ by giving example of entering Yahoo page as first and Google page as later.  They able to answer when clicking ‘Go back one page’ button, it would be directed back to ‘Yahoo’ and on clicking ‘Go forward one page’ would be directed to ‘Google’.

To enhance more their knowledge on tools, I do a checking by giving a worksheet “Exercise 2” on filling in the blanks questions.  The answers could be selected from the presentation slides that I provided.  I gave them about 10 minutes to answer those questions.

Once they finished, move to checking answer together session. I let them do a self-marking the answer while telling the answer.  This way is for them to self-evaluate on their answers so that they know what they did wrong as well as they can remember the tools better.
Next, I started a new lesson on how to utilize the browser’s tools such as Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address and  the navigation buttons.  Firstly, I showed them steps from the beginning when entering the ‘Mozilla Firefox’ and type URL address: Yahoo, then Google.  Playing with navigation buttons such as ‘Go back one page’, ‘Go forward one page’ and ‘Home’.

After that, I gave them practical 1 and 2 on using these URL and Navigation button.  I assessed them one by one while they were doing the practical.  Well done, all of them able in doing Practical 1 tho’ some of them were mistaken in typing the URL by putting semicolon (;) instead of colon (:).

Same as when doing Practical 2, they understand on what they were doing.

To be continued next class…

Following are the resources file of week 3:

Lesson Plan: 5 September

Worksheet: Exercise 2 ; Practical 1 & 2 ; CHECKLIST P1 P2



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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2011 Evaluation on Lesson Plan- 4th week of TP

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