Evaluation on Lesson Plan- 1st week of TP

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First week of teaching practice,

Previously, as an introduction to the topic; I asked them what do they know about Internet.  As a level 2 students, I expected their answer was for online and get pictures; indeed yes, they answered as I expected.  Why can I expect those answer? Because that was they usually did when turned to do activity on creating publisher.

So, to get a clear picture I explained to them what Internet is all about, how to get to the Internet and what can do  they use with Internet.

By using the materials such as computer, whiteboard and projector as well as resources such as “PowerPoint slide”, I showed to them a simple picture of a globe, a few computers and a few person that are connected.  To get a basic idea of Internet,  I explained to them based on the picture shown on how the logically the Internet works worldwide and gets people  connected.

I asked them how they can get connected, so they answered using “Facebook”.  That was quite a good understanding.

Proceed to “how to get to the Internet”.  Fluently, they could answer using “Mozilla Firefox”.  That showed a good knowledge.  And they also do know “Internet Explorer & Opera Mini”.  So I continued on showing the rest of the browsers that they might not know, by showing the browser’s logo as well as its name.

When turning to “What can be done with the Internet”, they could only think of getting pictures, facebook-ing, chatting, online….  That’s all.  I didn’t say it is incorrect.  To extent their thought,  I gave them clues such as “can you use Internet for your studies, example finding information for your MIB subject, Science, etc…? Can you use for sending letters electronically? can you do shopping online?”  Then, they certainly saying “ooohhh….the one we can shopping through facebook?, e-mail….”  Alright, now they got the ideas.

Finally when all the explanations and sharing ideas, I gave them a copy file of “interactive quiz’ activity which is about getting to know the types of web browser by guessing up which is which.  I observed them one by one, two out of the six students still answer it wrongly.  To what I understand, some of the students is not good in literacy.  So, I need to have skills in teaching these special kids.

Following are the resources used in 1st week of my teaching practice:

Lesson Plan- 8 August

Handout- Internet

Worksheet- Activity 1


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