Evaluation on Lesson Plan -2nd week of TP

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Second week of teaching practice,

Recap from the 1st week about Internet on what do they understand, how to get to the Internet, and what can be done using Internet.

Some of them still answered “online…getting pictures…Facebook..shopping”.  Okay, I cannot say much 🙂 They got their point, yet I re-showed a simple picture of a globe, a few computers and a few person that are connected; to refresh their mind.  And covered a bit on how to get to Internet as well as what can be done using Internet.

The “Interactive quiz” that had been done individually last week was been done again together to evaluate their knowledge.  To enhance their knowledge, I gave an activity 2 worksheet which is on “Guess the logo of Internet Browser”.  A piece of paper was given to them for filling in the blank on the name of the browser.  Once finished, we answered it together.  Still, some of them answered it incorrectly but it is understandable to the extent of  their abilities.

I moved on to the demonstrating the Internet Browser windows; which I stick to ‘Mozilla Firefox’.  I showed all the toolbar and explained its function.  Then  I asked them individually by calling out the name,  to come to the front to labelled the tool.  It is advisable for them  to bring along their handout.

In enhancing their understanding, I let them revised their handout on the Internet Browser Window and without referring to their handout , I give an exercise worksheet on labeling the tools by choosing the answers provided.  It can be seen that they absorbed knowledge I taught to them.

This activity will be carried on to next week, by recapping the tools of browser and how to use URL address.

Following are the resources of 2nd week TP:

Lesson Plan- 15 August

Handout- Getting Familiar with Internet Browser’s Window

Worksheet- EXERCISE 1-Label ; ACTIVITY 2


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Evaluation on Lesson Plan- 1st week of TP Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2011

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