Semester 2 – 7th Week of TP

What went well

  • The students have discussed ‘Activity 5.4, pg 65’ more than the time allocated (10 mins) for them.  Although it wasn’t working as planned, the result shows positive where they can learn with each other on how to solve the function together.
  • During confirmation part of Activity 5.4, some of  the students asked that “why your (teacher) answer is different from us?” This is a good response from them because the students concerned what they have learned.  I answered them “because it may has some mistakes  on the students’ marks, what you have to do is by checking the marks once again and make a change on it”

What didn’t go well

  • I have spent lots of the time during introduction phase.  I could feel that my lesson pace was slow.
  • Since the time constraint:

I straight away went to the confirmation part of Activity 5.4, pg 65 by showing the solution instead of asking the students to demonstrate to their classmate on question 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

The 2nd part of the practical that should be done in the class will be part of their homework.

Reflection (steps to check for student understanding)

  • Using video on ‘Homework for Week 6’, I do reconfirmation to students who wrongly inserting the formulae.
  1. Showing an example of one of the student: ‘=C3+C4+C5+C6+C8‘ gives answer ‘358‘ in cell ‘C9‘.
  2. I asked them a question, “What if I want to add new information in cell ‘C7’, will ‘358’ in cell ‘C9’ change?”

Some students answered “no”.  “WHY?” I asked them back.  One of the students answered that ‘C7’ is not included in the formulae written down in cell ‘C9’.

  • They were asked to do ‘FUNCTIONS’ on Activity 5.4.1 as homework and post their answer in Year8FSMRIPAS blog.


Lesson plan – 20 February



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Semester 2 – 6th Week TP Evaluation

What went well

  • I created a good example by comparing basic mathematical operation and spreadsheet’s formula.  Example, how to add the two numbers, “2” and “5”.  They simply could answer 2 plus 5 equal to 7.  I tested their knowledge since they have been asked to read prior to this lesson.  I asked them “To begin a formula or function, what sign should you use?”  They answered me “equal sign”.
  • I created  another example by referring to the table given.  To add “11” and “7”, the basic mathematics operation is “11+7=18”.  According to the Spreadsheet, they could give answer by cell reference which is “C1+C3”.  I asked again where should they put “=” sign.  As they have been explained earlier, they managed to give me answer “in front of C1+C3” (the result is “=C1+C3”).
  • To test them, I gave them “Exercise 2-Spreadsheets’ Formulae”.  They were divided into groups.  All the groups were very cooperative, ONLY one group according to what I observed that two of the students are very reluctant to work with their friends.  I advised them to figure the answer together with their friends every time they asked a help from me.

What didn’t go well

  • Checking answers together with the students on “Homework for Week 2” could only be made for few minutes due to slow working of computer and Internet.  I straight away move on to new topic which is “Formulae and functions”
  • The time was constraint, so I have to stop them once Exercise 2 has been completed and checked with the students.  The rest of the activities have to be postponed to next class.


  • The students did well in Exercise 2, they figured out the formula in group discussion and wrote their answers on a whiteboard to show to their classmates.
  • On finding ‘average’, most of them  giving answer “=A2+c2+D3/3”.  To confirm their answer, I used “Calculator” application.  The answer is different.  I asked them “Why your answer is different?”  I showed my method “=(A2+c2+D3)/3” and the result is same to the “calculator” application.  I asked them back if they familiar with BODMAS.  They do.  I explained the reason on why their answer is different because the division performed first then additional.  From here, they able to differentiate.
  • They were asked to do homework on Activity 5.4.1-Spreadsheet Formulae & Functions” only on Formulae part.  Their answers should be posted in Year8FSMRIPAS blog.

Lesson Plan week 6 – 13 February

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3rd, 4th and 5th Teaching Practice, Semester 2

Happy Chinese New Year on 23rd January 2012 to all Chinese in the world who celebrate it.

I couldn’t make my teaching practice on 30th January 2012 due to my admission at hospital for about four days.

On 6th February, it is a public holiday in Brunei Darussalam.  Selamat menyambut hari Maulidul Rasul to all muslims.

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Semester 2 – 2nd Week TP Evaluation

When the students were given links on answering the quiz questions on “Spreadsheet window” & “Cell address” (Click this link to follow) ; all of them able to answer the questions.  They enjoyed answering the quiz because they were using interactive whiteboard to interact with the quiz questions.

I have to remind myself that I have to manage the time wisely since the time has been fully used for practical and I failed to end the lesson properly.

Although the time was short, the students managed to complete the practical given.

The oral question that was supposed to be done during closure part could not be made, so next class the questions will be covered during the introduction part.  Furthermore, these questions are also been asked for their homework which is posted in the blog Year8fSMRIPAS

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Semester 2- 1st Week TP Evaluation

Since  today is my first day of teaching practice, I feel that it is a bit slow.  At the first period, it also took a time to arrange the projector because there was some technical error.  While waiting for it to be fixed, I did an Ice-Breaking session with the students.

45 minutes were left for only covering topics on Introduction to Spreadsheets and Working with Sheet Tabs.

The students managed to answer “Exercise 1 – Intrduction to Spreadsheet”.  It was also being answered together.  To my view, I could see that they did well answering Exercise 1 when I marked theirs.

Next class, will continue the sub-topic on “Entering & Sorting Information” and Activity 5.1 & 5.2.

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Stay Connected

I have created a new blog for my students, so that they would stay connected with me…  Since I only meet them every Monday for teaching practice, so by creating this facility I can give them online homework, and check their answer and discuss the answer with them on next class by viewing it in the class.

Year8FSMRIPAS  <This is the link to the WordPress blog

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New Semester Begin

Semester 2 has began… I am glad that I passed my semester 1 exam.  I scored overall mark a grade ‘B’.  *wink*wink* =D

Today January 9, 2012 is my 1st day of doing a teaching practice.


I am teaching Year 8F students… it’s my first day knowing them.  So, it’s the time for ice-breaking session.  There all look nice and clever.  It might be a challenge for me too to teach these students.  😀  so….GOOD LUCK to me!!

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